National Headlines 9-25-13

Cruz ends marathon ObamaCare protest after more than 21 hours (The Hill)

House Republicans to tie debt ceiling hike to GOP wish list (The Hill)

Vatican official: Pelosi should be denied communion for ‘grave sin’ on abortion (The Hill)

Senate votes to proceed with funding bill (Washington Post)

FBI says Navy Yard shooter had no specific target (USA Today)

Iran tries to shine light on Israeli nukes (Associated Press)

Gun group plans shotgun giveaway in central Fla. (Associated Press)

Gov. Brown signs bill to raise minimum wage to $10 by 2016 (Los Angeles Times)

Bono nails Bill Clinton impersonation (USA Today)

Why you should care about latest govt budget fight (MSN Money)

Boston gets first ‘real’ mayor’s race in 20 years (Christian Science Monitor)

Ohio uses last lethal drug dose to execute convicted murderer (Reuters)