National Headlines 6-11-15

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell escalate their war of words (Politico)

White House tries to save Obama trade package (The Hill)

High drama as trade vote nears (The Hill)

Ron Paul’s apocalypse is now (CNN)

Michigan governor signs bills allowing gay-couple adoption refusal (Reuters)

Fed worker union: Hackers got Social Security numbers, personal data on every federal employee (Associated Press)

Judge Who Donated to Dennis Hastert’s Campaign Can Stay on Case (NBC News)

Senator’s ‘Bro’ Joke About Lindsey Graham’s Bachelorhood Caught on Live Mic (ABC News)

Christie lays out education agenda in Iowa (USA Today)

Senate Rejects Measure to Strengthen Cybersecurity (New York Times)

Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez: Why Is Bernie Sanders Quiet On Immigration? (Huffington Post)