Count My Vote Delivers Constitutional Memorandum and Letter

Today, Count My Vote delivered a comprehensive legal memorandum to the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s office, which examines the constitutionality of its citizens’ initiative petition. The memo was accompanied by a letter signed by fifteen former Presidents of the Utah State Bar, stating their agreement with the memorandum’s conclusion that the Initiative is clearly constitutional.

The United States Constitution grants the people of Utah power to prescribe the “Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections,” they write. “Utah would therefore act well within its constitutional authority in implementing the Initiative.”

In addition to confirming its constitutionality, the memo explains that the Initiative would facilitate greater participation in Utah’s candidate nomination process, improve candidates’ access to the primary election ballot, offer wider accessibility to candidate selection for voters, reduce the potential for fraud and election irregularities, and would remove systemic obstacles to participation that are present under Utah’s current system.

"Count My Vote" Constitutional Memorandum and Letter