Local Headlines 6-12-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Who should pay for charter schools?

Mike Lee urges local, federal laws for religious protection in coming gay-rights fights

Expect Mitt to stay neutral in GOP scrum, says son

Utah to give $8 million to TV series

Salt Lake City police Chief Chris Burbank out after ultimatum from Mayor Ralph Becker

Burbank’s time as police chief: drug sweeps, shootings and diplomacy with protesters

Deseret News

A. Scott Anderson: New location needed for new prison — and the two key reasons why

Op-ed: Don’t let candidates put Iowa’s special interests above Utah’s

Natalie Gochnour: European Commission meeting reiterates that Utah is small, but has significant reach

Editorial: Teacher retention

Governor’s Office of Economic Development announces incentives for job creation

Burbank guided city through protests, shootings, political issues

Sen. Mike Lee: Americans must not leave religious liberty conversation to executive, judicial branch

S.L. joins 11 cities in pledge to cut business licensing process to 1 day

‘Too little, too late’: Mayoral challengers slam Becker after Burbank resignation

State Records Committee rules contract between Utah State and Maverik is public record

New prison ‘would be a question for sure’ unless facility moves, corrections official says

Chief Chris Burbank pushed to resign amid ‘election politics’


American Fork residents may comment on budget proposal (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Delay sage grouse protection (Standard-Examiner)

State studying Great Salt Lake economy, ecology (Standard-Examiner)

Bishop tells feds: Don’t restrict AR-15 ammo (Standard-Examiner)