Democrats Ask Miller to Stay Away from Interim Day

A number of members of the House Democratic Caucus have asked embattled Rep. Justin Miller (D-Salt Lake City) to stay away from Wednesday's interim meetings because his presence could become a distraction.

Sources within the caucus tell UtahPolicy that Democrats worry Miller's presence on the hill would result in a media circus and take the focus off of legislative business. That desire for him to stay away was communicated to Miller this week.

If he stays away, it would be the second straight month of interim meetings Miller has missed.

This comes just days after House Democrats called for Miller to step down from his seat while he stands accused of embezzling $30,000 from the campaign account of Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. 

In a Monday news conference announcing their decision to ask for Miller's resignation, House Minority Leader Rep. Brian King (D-Salt Lake City) said Miller's situation has become a distraction.

"The ongoing investigations significantly impair the ability of Representative Miller to effectively represent the constituents of House District 40," said King.

No charges have been filed yet against Miller, but Davis County District Attorney Troy Rawlings is reviewing the case.