How to Sound Smart About Utah Politics – September 26, 2013

Countdown: There are 41 days to the 2013 municipal elections, 125 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature, 400 days until the 2014 midterm elections and 837 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.

  • Sen. Mike Lee takes a supporting role in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21-hour non-filibuster [Tribune].
  • Sen. Lee is planning a trip to Iowa in November, fueling some speculation he has his eyes on the White House [Deseret News].
  • The NSA’s data center at Camp Williams may already be operating [Tribune].
  • The Utah Legislature unveils a new website feature allowing citizens to track legislation during the session [Utah Policy].
  • Utah prepares to run its own health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act [KSL].
  • Utah’s Congressional Republicans are pushing a measure to protect religious people who oppose same-sex marriage [Tribune].
  • Colorado officials are asking the Pentagon to allow Utah National Guard engineers who have been furloughed because of federal sequester budget cuts to be allowed to help with flood recovery efforts in that state [Tribune].
  • The “Count My Vote” group releases a letter signed by 15 past presidents of the Utah State Bar saying their initiative passes constitutional muster [Tribune].
  • Utah child advocacy groups stand behind President Obama’s plan to hike cigarette taxes to pay for preschool education [Tribune].
  • Utah joins 39 other states in urging the federal government to regulate e-cigarettes [KSL].
  • The Salt Lake County Council debates whether they should join the call to shut down a medical incinerator in North Salt Lake [Tribune].
  • Utah Judge Carolyn McHugh, a nominee to the federal bench, appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee [Tribune].
  • Residents in Enoch are gathering signatures to oppose a proposed 113% property tax hike [Fox 13].