National Headlines 6-17-15

U.S. may name ‘czar’ for Iran nuclear deal (Politico)

House rejects withdrawal from ISIS war (The Hill)

Obama meeting with pro-trade Democrats at White House (The Hill)

Dolezal was asked if she tried to mislead Howard University (Washington Times)

In bid for Millennial votes, Clinton proposes apprenticeship program (Christian Science Monitor)

Congressional GOP plans to continue health law subsidies (Associated Press)

Court Reinstates Post-Sept. 11 Claims by Immigrants Against Bush Officials (Wall Street Journal)

Challenge flags? A chess clock? Group looks to improve debates (CNN)

Obama: Lynch has already made her mark (USA Today)

In Iowa, Bush Defends 4 Percent Economic Growth Goal (Bloomberg)

Fed holds off on interest rate hike, downgrades economic forecast (Los Angeles Times)