National Headlines 6-22-15

Hillary Clinton: Too cool for Brooklyn? (Politico)

Ayatollah’s decree complicates Iran nuclear talks (Politico)

Obama uses N-word while arguing US is not ‘cured’ of racism (The Hill)

Punished GOP lawmaker stirs new talk of Boehner rebellion (The Hill)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says Confederate flag has ‘no place’ on statehouse ground (FOX News)

What President Obama Said During His Garage Podcast (Newsweek)

Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland Says He Has ‘Very Advanced’ Cancer (New York Times)

North Carolina teen arrested after plotting attacks in support of Islamic State (Christian Science Monitor)

Chris Christie’s Newark schools chief steps down following years of turmoil (Washington Post)

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Give Away Donations from Supremacist Group Linked to Charleston Murder Suspect (Newsweek)

Senior U.S., Chinese Officials Meet in Washington, Shadowed by Strains (Wall Street Journal)