National Headlines 6-23-15

WSJ/NBC national poll shows Hillary Clinton crushing all rivals (Politico)

Putin’s Plot to Get Texas to Secede (Politico)

The GOP finds its millennial star (The Hill)

Cruz does 180 on fast-track (The Hill)

Not so fast? Haley could face tough battle in push to remove Confederate flag (FOX News)

Obama’s fast-track trade bill clears key Senate hurdle (Los Angeles Times)

US Won’t Threaten to Prosecute Hostages’ Families for Ransom (Associated Press)

Number affected by hack soars to 18M, agency head says nobody ‘personally responsible’ (FOX News)

Poll: Trump near top of GOP pack in New Hampshire (CNN)

Computer glitch at State Department causes havoc for foreign visitors (Washington Post)

Time Running Out for Ex-Im Bank (Wall Street Journal)