AFP Utah Responds To Supreme Court Ruling

Today, Americans for Prosperity Utah released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this morning to uphold the federal Obamacare Exchange in the controversial case, King v. Burwell:

“The Court’s decision today offers no relief to Obamacare’s many victims,” said Utah State Director Evelyn Everton. “For far too long, Obamacare’s burdensome taxes and mandates have wreaked havoc on American families and businesses.This law was hurting people yesterday, and will continue to do so tomorrow.”

“The Supreme Court may have affirmed that the Obamacare Exchange is here to stay, but now some want to make it even worse by bringing more Obamacare to Utah through Medicaid Expansion. It’s a risky proposal that would spend up to $328 million taxpayer dollars and could mean tax increases, cuts to education … or both."

"Americans for Prosperity Utah will continue pressing Congress to provide relief from the law’s expensive mandates, and continue fighting for patient-centered reforms that work."

A spokesman for the chapter said they planned to direct the public to voice their discontent with the law by signing the petition at

The national organization also announced plans to launch a significant digital buy with an ad advocating for people's health over politics, which will reach most major media markets in the United States.

Watch the video here: