Hatch Praises Roberts as ‘Clever Judge’

Sen. Orrin Hatch says only “a really clever judge” like Chief Justice John Roberts could have written the tortured majority opinion upholding the federal insurance subsidies under Obamacare.

Reports The Hill:

Hatch said that he suspected the court would uphold the law because “it’s a big enough bill that a really clever judge could find some way of tying in and justifying the decision that they made today.”

He added that he has “tremendous respect” for Roberts, who he believed “used his talents to uphold ObamaCare.”

It’s the second time Roberts has authored a Supreme Court ruling that upheld President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. In 2012, he wrote the court’s decision that upheld ObamaCare as constitutional.

Hatch said while he’s “had colleagues bad-mouth the chief justice because of his vote in the original case, which was the deciding vote … I’ve never really found fault with that. I felt like was more interested in not having a 5-4 decision.”

Despite his praise for Roberts, the Utah Republican disavowed the court’s Thursday ruling, saying that justices “deduced to rule against common sense and the plain meaning of statutory language.”