Republicans say Matheson is ‘Breaking Bad’

That’s clever! The National Republican Congressional Committee uses “Breaking Bad” to slam Democrat Jim Matheson for being “out of step” with his district.

The NRCC blog post hits Matheson for “breaking bad” from his constituents by “voting lock-step with President Obama and his liberal, big government agenda – while trying to hide it” from his constituents.

While the post may be a little divorced from reality, Matheson certainly does not vote “lock step” with Obama, it does get major points for creativity.

Democrat Jim Matheson from Utah may think he’s the right fit for his conservative, R+16 district. But what did he do when the voters back home weren’t paying attention? Matheson voted for the $787 billion stimulus bill in 2009, signing his name to the Obama Administration’s trademark achievement of excessive, wasteful spending and failed economic policies. While the voters in Utah’s 4th District aren’t looking, Matheson routinely breaks bad from his district and supports Obama’s Big Government agenda. It’s time to get out of Washington, Congressman Matheson.