National Headlines 6-28-15

The Grand Old Party’s future shock (Politico)

Iran talks: 5 key things to watch (Politico)

US official: Iran talks to push past deadline (The Hill)

Pope’s activism sets stage for awkward visit to Capitol Hill (The Hill)

Activist on taking down Confederate flag: ‘All they have to do is keep it down’ (Christian Science Monitor)

Huckabee: Same-sex marriage opponents ‘will go the path of’ MLK (CBS News)

Donald Trump giving up ‘The Apprentice’ to run for president (CNN)

Graham: Remove the Confederate flag, keep other Confederate tributes (FOX News)

Christie launches 2016 bid (Associated Press)

Sanders Defends Gun Record as Marriage, Flag Dominate Debate (New York Times)

Oregon weed legal soon, but not legally sold (Washington Times)