National Headlines 9-29-13

Durbin predicts government shutdown (The Hill)

GOP leader asks: Where’s the Senate? (The Hill)

House Republicans Pass Obamacare Delay; One Step Closer to Shutdown (National Journal)

Blame game for impending shutdown plays on (USA Today)

Judge set to preside over 2nd phase of BP trial (Associated Press)

India says cross-border peace with Pakistan key to better ties (Reuters)

N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens (New York Times)

No. 2 US nuclear commander suspended amid probe of counterfeit gambling chips at Iowa casino (Washington Post)

US sending bankrupt Detroit $300 million. Think ‘stimulus,’ not ‘bailout.’ (Christian Science Monitor)

Fight over Texas abortion joins group of ongoing, contentious legal battles (Avalanche-Journal)

Second Maryland gun-law challenge filed in as many days (Baltimore Sun)

New Jersey judge orders state to allow gay marriage. Christie vows appeal. (Christian Science Monitor)