National Headlines 6-29-15

‘They’re Trying to Be King of the Mormons’ (Politico)

Ted Cruz: States should ignore gay-marriage ruling (Politico)

Supreme Court deals blow to Obama’s green agenda (Politico)

Is there a booby trap in Roberts’s ObamaCare decision? (The Hill)

Court emboldens GOP on climate regs (The Hill)

NBC cuts ties with Trump (The Hill)

Divided U.S. Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma lethal injection process (Reuters)

Supreme Court Rules In Industry’s Favor. What’s EPA’s Next Move? (NPR)

Rand Paul to government: ‘Get out of the marriage business.’ Is that possible? (Christian Science Monitor)

NSA wiretapped two French finance ministers: Wikileaks (Reuters)

OPM shuts down online background check system (USA Today)