7th Annual Clear the Air Challenge Begins July 1

The Salt Lake Chamber, along with its partners, is excited to announce that the 7th Annual Clear the Air Challenge will begin July 1st.

What is the Challenge?

The Clear the Air Challenge is a month-long initiative that encourages Utah residents to drive less and drive smarter during the month of July. Participants help improve air quality by avoiding trips alone in their car, using alternative modes of transportation such as carpooling, taking public transit, walking, biking, or trip chaining.

How Do I Join?

Sign up for the Challenge at cleartheairchallenge.org and compete to be this year’s champion. Join an existing team or start a team of your co-workers, neighbors or friends. The winning teams not only get bragging rights, but they also receive the Challenge Trophy to display throughout the year!

When you take part in the Challenge, you can log every trip you save in the online tracker and compete for great prizes by racking up the trips you eliminate, the miles you save, and the emissions you reduce. With approximately half of all emissions coming from motor vehicles, the Challenge is a fun way to do your part to improve Utah’s air quality.

What People are saying about the Challenge

“The Clear the Air Challenge does much more than clear the air. It unites our community behind a goal that has a lasting economic impact,” said Lane Beattie, President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “Forward-thinking Initiatives, like this one, make Utah the best state to work, play and do business and demonstrate our capability to overcome difficult problems with solutions that bring us together. ”

“We’re proud to support the Salt Lake Chamber and its partners in such an important cause,” said Dan Farr, Founder and Show Producer of Salt Lake Comic Con. “Our goal is to help make Utah a better place to live and play and we believe that the Clear the Air Challenge is one of the ways that all Utahns can perform acts of heroism and contribute to a healthier and happier environment.”

"Each of us, individually, can make positive steps toward addressing the problem of poor air quality,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. “The Clear the Air Challenge has been a great program for cultivating beneficial commuting habits through a fun competition. With a common goal of cleaning the air, the Challenge brings people together and helps us build more livable and sustainable communities." 

Of the Challenge, Gov. Gary R. Herbert said, “Utahns recognize the air quality challenges presented by our unique topography and they are looking for ways they can make a difference. The Clear the Air Challenge has encouraged thousands of Utahns to evaluate their transportation choices and I encourage businesses and individuals to see what a difference they can make.”

Effects of the Clear the Air Challenge

In 2014, almost 7,000 people participated in the month-long Challenge. The majority of those individuals joined through teams their employers organized. Collectively, participants saved:

  • 143,353 trips
  • 2,249,613 million miles
  • 668 tons of emissions

Those are powerful numbers, but what’s more powerful is what Utahns have done together over the six years the Challenge has run. During those six years — six months total — Utahns have eliminated:

  • 666,683 trips
  • 9,283,958 million miles
  • 2,953 tons of emissions


The Clear the Air Challenge is made possible by a strong partnership that includes the Salt Lake Chamber, TravelWise, UCAIR, Penna Powers, Intermountain Healthcare, Fidelity Investments, Rio Tinto and Salt Lake Comic Con.


Videos for the Clear The Air Challenge can be accessed on YouTube by clicking here or on Facebook by clicking here.

We Challenge You!

The Salt Lake Chamber and its partners challenge you to do drive down your miles this July for the betterment of our air and our quality of life.