National Headlines 7-5-15

Greece votes No (Politico)

The city on the hill(s) for Obama alums (Politico)

Bernie and Hillary’s holiday weekend (Politico)

Puerto Rican debt crisis sets off fresh fight in Congress (The Hill)

Kerry: Iran nuke talks ‘could go either way’ (The Hill)

George Takei Apologizes for Calling Justice Thomas ‘a Clown in Blackface’ (PJ Media)

Republicans cast into turmoil as Donald Trump rides the populist surge (Telegraph)

‘Grassroots’ candidate Cruz posts $14.2 million fundraising haul (USA Today)

Christie looks to close book on Bridgegate as he runs for president (Washington Post)

Sanders lauds gay rights ruling, balks at denying exemptions (Associated Press)

Donald Trump has offended Jeb Bush (Boston Globe)