City Continues to ‘Green’ its Fleet with New, Zero-Emisisons Electric Vehicles

As seasonal air quality issues once again impact residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding region, Mayor Ralph Becker and the Sustainability Division remind residents that the City’s efforts to reduce its overall emissions is ongoing.

Seven new, all-electric vehicles are being added to the City’s fleet this year, replacing older, fuel-burning vehicles and helping to achieve aggressive emission reduction goals set by Mayor Becker. Since 2009, the City has converted a total of 224 light- and heavy-duty vehicles to clean fuels/hybrid power, raising the clean vehicle portion of the total fleet from 2 percent to 15 percent.
“Our program to carefully assess emissions and local air pollutant impacts, as part of the cost-to-own analysis for fleet purchases, is paying dividends,” said Mayor Becker. “We weigh these factors to produce outcomes that mitigate climate and air quality impacts and save taxpayer resources."
Currently, Salt Lake City has completed 12 Tailpipe Emissions Reduction Plans at the department and division level aimed at continuing to reduce overall emissions. These plans incorporate tailored vehicle purchasing guidelines, operational best practices and ways to reduce emissions from other types of equipment such as two-stroke engines. 
The City is also continuing to build its infrastructure for the growing number of residents who own and drive electric vehicles. Thanks to a recently received grant from the Utah Division of Air Quality, the current six-station system will be expanded to 25 new charging ports citywide.
Residents can review, and weigh-in on, the City’s work to reduce its overall carbon footprint via the Sustainable City Dashboard tool, here.