National Headlines 7-9-15

Republican infighting at full throttle (Politico)

Democrats’ primary nightmare comes true: Alan Grayson runs for Senate (Politico)

Trump leads GOP presidential field in new national poll (The Hill)

Pelosi ambushes GOP with Confederate flag resolution (The Hill)

Hackers stole Social Security numbers from 21.5 million, gov’t admits (FOX News)

Jeb Bush’s ‘longer hours’ remark may follow him for a long time (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump, center of attention, hints at independent bid (Los Angeles Times)

Joint Chiefs nominee sails through confirmation hearing (Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles responds to rising 2015 crime rates (Christian Science Monitor)

Puerto Rico’s Debt Woes Are Conundrum for GOP (Wall Street Journal)

Jobless Claims Jump to Highest Level Since February (New York Times)