Poll: Fighting Obamacare not Worth Government Shutdown

A new poll says Republicans would get blamed if the federal government shuts down this week and Congress is acting like “spoiled children.”

The survey from CNN/ORC says 46% of Americans would blame Congressional Republicans, while 36% would blame President Obama. Just 13% say both sides would be to blame.

Fascinatingly, the government shutdown is hurting the public perception of Congressional Republicans more than President Obama. 49% say Obama is acting like a “responsible adult” during this battle while 58% say Congressional Democrats and 69% say Congressional Republicans are acting like “spoiled children.”

Even worse for the GOP, most Americans say changing Obamacare is not worth shutting down the government.

Some 68% say a shutdown for a few days would be a bad thing for the country, with that number rising to nearly eight in 10 for a shutdown lasting a few weeks.

Six in 10 questioned in the CNN survey say that it is more important for Congress to avoid a shutdown than to make major changes to the new health care law, with only a third saying it is more important for lawmakers to prevent major provisions in the new health care law from taking effect by cutting the funds needed to implement them.