Local Headlines 7-16-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Survey shows Utahns know they should be voting

Committee post translates into big money from big banks for Mia Love

Sign company’s PAC buys billboards for Biskupski; Becker camp protests

School-board proposal takes catch-all approach to the selection process

Tooele commissioners vote themselves a 24 percent raise, but will it stick?

Mia Love meets Hillary Clinton during Capitol Hill visit

Utah air: Not so much yuck, still lots of bleck, state monitor says

Utah joins 8 states in suing federal government over Clean Water Rule

Do recent low fuel prices hurt or help UTA? Agency won’t say much

Rolly: In a legal bind? Mark Shurtleff is your lawyer, says ad

Utah medical marijuana study ‘encouraging’ for children with epilepsy

While Medicaid debate drags on, Utahns are dying

Deseret News

Op-ed: Utah needs to move forward with health coverage for those below poverty level

Dan Liljenquist: U.S.-Iran nuclear deal is Obama’s Iranian capitulation

Editorial: Few seem happy with U.S.-Iran nuclear deal — and rightfully so

Lawmaker pushing for compromise over Tesla sales in Utah

Phil Lyman finds irony in being face of ATV activism

Action urged on Medicaid expansion, but deadline won’t be met

Senate approves appointing Stan Lockhart to State School Board

Lawmaker proposes new ‘compromise’ bill for State School Board elections

Judges would have greater sentencing discretion under bill discussed by legislative committee

Ex-A.G. Mark Shurtleff starts business selling nicotine mist

Becker demands Biskupski take down billboards paid for by advertising agency PAC

Utahns admit marijuana use to encourage lawmakers to budge on legalization


Utah County lawmaker renews push for medical marijuana law (Associated Press)

Clinton Mayor’s request for more money gets little support (Standard-Examiner)