National Headlines 7-21-15

Help wanted: Top negotiators to stave off shutdown (Politico)

Trump’s Waterloo? Don’t count on it (Politico)

Senate blocks progress on highway bill (The Hill)

UN backs Iran deal, infuriating lawmakers from both parties (The Hill)

A 2nd Covert Video Targets Planned Parenthood on Fetal Parts (Associated Press)

Chattanooga Shooter’s Uncle Being Investigated in Jordan (Wall Street Journal)

Donald Trump gave out Lindsey Graham’s personal cell number to America (CNN)

Obama defends Iran deal, decries over-reliance on military force (Washington Post)

Obama Compares Critics of Iran Deal to Iraq War Hawks (New York Times)

Ohio’s John Kasich enters GOP race, bringing heat, intrigue (Los Angeles Times)

Kate Steinle’s Father Testifies Before Congress About His Daughter’s Death, Calls for Immigration Reform (ABC News)