National Headlines 7-22-15

Jeb Bush: Congress should investigate Planned Parenthood (Politico)

Republican candidates get Trumped (Politico)

Fears on the left growing for Planned Parenthood (The Hill)

House GOP, Dems voice strong opposition to Senate highway bill (The Hill)

Poll: Clinton trails top Republicans in battleground states (CNN)

Titans clash as Donald Trump’s run fuels his feud with Rupert Murdoch (New York Times)

Marines Said to Divert Gunman in Chattanooga Killings (New York Times)

Donald Trump vs. Rick Perry: The social media battlefront (CNN)

Washington Post petitions U.N. to help free journalist held in Iran (Washington Post)

Appeals Court OKs Tossing Strict North Dakota Abortion Law (Associated Press)

Obama renewing call to reauthorize Export-Import Bank (Associated Press)