Local Headlines 7-27-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Mike Lee: Fixing our broken transportation system

Op-ed: Medical cannabis is a matter of personal freedom

Op-ed: Becker deserves a third term as Salt Lake City mayor

Editorial: UTA should be as clean as its buses

Editorial: Raises for state liquor store employees are good, but much more is needed

Rolly: Maybe the Utah Legislature should recuse itself — from passing laws

Attention grabber in fight against tax increase: free money

Is 500 West Salt Lake City’s new Pioneer Park?

Tooele County leaders stepping back from 24 percent pay raise

Sen. Orrin Hatch gives Sen. Mike Lee money, but no endorsement

Recreation taxes a hit with counties and cities

As he takes over national guvs association, Herbert touts Utah innovation

Voters not keen on tax hike for $150M ‘open space recreation’ in SLC, poll shows

NSA has paid Utah $1 million to police entrance on Redwood Road

Utah’s 50 busiest intersections — and how the state plans to unclog them

Utah’s Mike Lee fails to defund Planned Parenthood or force a vote to repeal Obamacare

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: A more political version of a Pioneer Day parade

Dan Liljenquist: Reforming the Highway Transportation Fund — Lee’s TEA plan can help do that

Op-ed: Why Republicans should not support Healthy Utah

Op-ed: Pioneering our own future: Let Utah voters decide

A. Scott Anderson: A tribute to Roy Simmons, a Utah business pioneer

John Florez: Prison move calls for humility — and revisiting what the prison system should be now and in the future

Editorial: Salt Lake City’s proposed $150 million bond for parks and rec deserves close scrutiny

Editorial: Sen. Mike Lee’s proposed First Amendment Defense Act merits a fair hearing

San Juan County commissioner asks that federal judge be dismissed in Recapture Canyon case

Utah gets No Child Left Behind waiver after House, Senate pass potential rewrites

Democrat Doug Owens ready for rematch with Rep. Mia Love

Does secret southern Utah meeting mean feds are plotting new national monument?


Military recruiters can’t arm themselves – yet (Standard-Examiner)

Feds OK Utah’s demand for more education control (Standard-Examiner)

Some in Christian right embracing environmental causes (Standard-Examiner)

Park City maps the extraordinary growth projected in coming years (Park Record)