National Headlines 7-28-15

Ivana Trump denies accusing Donald Trump of rape (Politico)

Scott Walker: GOP nominee might not be known until close to convention (Politico)

Dems clash with Kerry over Iran deal (The Hill)

Sanders gives Dems his presidential pitch (The Hill)

Senate presses ahead with defunding Planned Parenthood (The Hill)

Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous hedge on Keystone XL (Washington Post)

Rand Paul calls on Hillary Clinton to refund Planned Parenthood donations (Washington Post)

House, Senate prepare to pass a stopgap highway bill – again (Washington Post)

Jon Stewart Secretly Met With Obama at White House (New York Times)

Court Orders EPA to Redo Air-Pollution Limits in 13 States (Associated Press)

After two years, White House says ‘no’ to petition asking for pardon of Edward Snowden (Washington Post)