IRS Chief: No Basis ‘At This Time’ to Target Religious Schools

Under questioning from Sen. Mike Lee at a hearing Wednesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen offers a provisional promise to not go after the tax-exempt status of religious schools that reject gay marriage.

Reports The Washington Post:

Koskinen’s comments seemed to leave open the door that tax-exempt status could come under scrutiny in the future.

“At this time there is no basis for us to revisit tax-exempt status on that grounds. We will continue, obviously, to ensure that those who enjoy tax-exempt status are still doing the work they said they were going to do,” Koskinen said. “But that exam and those reviews will continue as they always have.”

Lee, who has introduced an act regarding institutions’ tax-exempt status, warned that the IRS promise could be temporary.

“While I greatly appreciate Commissioner Koskinen’s word that he will not target religious institutions for their religious beliefs, it worries me, and it should worry every American, that the IRS does not absolutely disavow the power to target religious institutions based on their religious beliefs, even if the current IRS commissioner has committed not to use that power for the time being,” Lee said in a statement after the hearing.