National Headlines 8-3-15

N.H. forum: GOP candidates make their bids solo (Politico)

Can Sarah Palin sell Donald Trump to ‘Joe Six-Pack’? (Politico)

Poll: Clinton’s favorability takes a major hit (The Hill)

Shutdown talk creeps into debate over Planned Parenthood funding (The Hill)

Planned Parenthood bill blocked: For GOP, abortion as national issue is tricky (Christian Science Monitor)

Illegal immigration a dominant theme at Republican forum even without Trump (Reuters)

Navy Responds to Reports Sailor Will Be Charged for Returning Fire Against Chattanooga Shooter (TheBlaze)

Lindsey Graham Brings Up Monica Lewinsky Scandal To Attack Hillary Clinton (Huffington Post)

Krauthammer: Biden will likely challenge Clinton for Democratic nomination (FOX News)

Coal States Pledge Not to Cooperate With Emission Regulations (Bloomberg)

Puerto Rico in default after measly payment (USA Today)