Hatch Says Democrats Wanted Shutdown in Order to Blame Republicans (Video)

Sen. Orrin Hatch claims Democrats, particularly President Barack Obama, refused to negotiate with Congressional Republicans so they could use the shutdown as a political weapon.

Hatch told Newsmax TV Obama is the first president who refused to negotiate during his 37 year career in Washington.

“[Republicans] think there’s lots of room for consensus, but you’ve got to get [Democrats] to talk to you …We haven’t had the president engaged, he’s the only president in my 37 years in the Congress who just hasn’t engaged, and he wants his way above all things,” said the Senate’s most senior Republican and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee.

Hatch said he believed there is room for consensus, but if the Democrats won’t even consider talking to Republicans, that agreement can never be reached.

“I don’t see how you can help but blame the Democrats for not opening the door and talking to us,” he said.

Here’s the video: