Rep. Chris Stewart Discusses the 2015 GOP Presidential Race (Video)

Donald Trump is sucking all the oxygen out of the 2016 GOP presidential race, but Utah Rep. Chris Stewart thinks there's plenty of room for other candidates to make some noise.

"We've got a really deep field," says Stewart who is a supporter of Florida Senator Marco Rubio. "If we can't win with this group of candidates against what I think is a deeply flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton, I don't know what we do or say to the American people. We have got to win this race, and I'm very optimistic we will."

Stewart also says he expects the frenzy surrounding Trump to die out soon.

"I honestly think Donald Trump has reached nearly the apex of his support. The more people look at him, the more they are going to be dissuaded by some of his positions. I think that will open the door for some of these other Republicans to step in and reclaim some of that spotlight."