Mia Love’s Emotional Reaction to Planned Parenthood Videos Reveals Softer Side of GOP

WaPo’s Amber Philips says a recent TV interview shows why Rep. Mia Love should become the new face of the GOP brand as the party seeks to expand its reach among women and minorities.

Writes Philips:

“It’s absolutely horrific,” Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) told Lou Dobbs on his Fox Business show Wednesday night when asked for her reaction to leaked Planned Parenthood videos showing officials talking about selling fetal tissue. “I get a little emotional.”

And she did, right then and there.

Early on in the six-minute interview, Love wiped a tear from her eye as she said: “This is not about a right or left issues; this is about right or wrong.” And she choked up when Dobbs went into detail on how many abortions are conducted.

“We’ve got to do everything we can … to make sure that we don’t allow this to happen,” Love said, tears rolling down her cheek.

Love wears many firsts. The first black female Republican elected to Congress. The first African American to be elected to Congress from Utah. And on Wednesday night, she potentially added another: The first time since her 2014 election she has shown why Republicans should legitimately be excited about her star rising.

On “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Love came across as empathetic, heartfelt and eloquent as she laid bare her emotions on national television about abortion; emotions that seemed raw even weeks after the news of the leaked Planned Parenthood videos first broke. She spoke about how she’s a mother and wife and how if she doesn’t stand up for these unborn babies, who will?