National Headlines 8-24-15

Wall Street to Donald Trump: Don’t get too excited (Politico)

The GOP’s big-money plan to save the Senate (Politico)

Wall Street rattles Washington (The Hill)

Why Bernie Sanders won’t take the gloves off against Hillary (The Hill)

Joe Biden for president? The Hillary Clinton factor looms large. (Christian Science Monitor)

Potential Biden Run Puts White House in a Bind (New York Times)

Jeb Bush on ‘anchor babies’ immigration flap: Chill out a bit (CBS News)

How Twitter screwed up in shutting down its political tweet archives (Washington Post)

Scott Walker: Obama should show ‘some backbone’ by canceling Chinese state visit (Washington Post)

Judge rules that criminal case against AG Kathleen Kane can proceed to trial (Inquirer)

Fed’s Lockhart sees 2015 rate hike, but reading inflation ‘tricky’ (Reuters)