Conservative Group Spent More than Six Times What Was Originally Reported Backing Mia Love in 2014

The "Conservative Strikeforce" group reported they spent $2,800 sending "voter contact emails" in support of Mia Love's successful bid for Congress. Newly amended reports with the FEC now report more than six times that original amount.

Money in politics watchdog Open Secrets reports Conservative Strikeforce amended their 24-hour notice to the Federal Election Commission to report they actually spent $17912.30 supporting Love's bid.

In memos attached to the amended reports, Conservative Strikeforce said the newly uncovered payments were made days after the original disbursements to “pay the outstanding balance” for the voter calls and emails.

“The reason [the 48-hour rule exists] is so that people can find out about targeted activity directed at candidates as quickly as possible after it happens,” Bob Biersack, a senior fellow at the Center for Responsive Politics, said. Otherwise, the public has to wait until January or July, when PACs’ semi-annual reports are due, to find out about the targeted spending, Biersack said.