National Headlines 9-9-15

Bush takes late-night gamble with Colbert (Politico)

Iran deal foes make final push to derail the nuclear agreement (Politico)

Mike Huckabee offers to go to jail for Kim Davis (Politico)

28 Republicans pledge to oppose any bill funding Planned Parenthood (The Hill)

House GOP faces shutdown crisis (The Hill)

Kentucky clerk in gay marriage case released from jail (Reuters)

Analysis: An apology at last for Clinton over her email use (Washington Post)

Obama feasts on bear’s leftovers on ‘Running Wild’ (USA Today)

Budget Dispute May Cause Government Shutdown, White House Warns (Bloomberg)

In Another Instagram Video, Donald Trump Mocks ‘Low Energy’ Jeb Bush (NBC News)

After aide shot, Cuomo pushes for national gun controls (Christian Science Monitor)