Majority of Utahns Support Obama’s Clean Power Plan

President Barack Obama recently released his plan for the United States to produce cleaner electrical power – slowly getting away from coal and other so-called dirtier power sources.

UtahPolicy finds in a new Dan Jones & Associates survey that 55 percent of Utahns favor such a Clean Power Plan, 38 percent oppose it and 7 percent don’t know.

Here is a fact sheet on Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

In part, it says: “The Clean Power Plan establishes the first-ever national standards to limit carbon pollution from power plants.”

Of course, Obama is not popular in very-Republican Utah.

And Utah mines produce coal that is burned in some power plants to make electricity.

So the fact that a majority of Utahns support an Obama plan aimed at reducing coal fire, carbon-generating electricity is in itself an interesting twist.


Some of Jones’ demographic numbers:

— Republicans actually oppose the Clean Power Plan, 53-41 percent with 6 percent “don’t know.”

— Utah Democrats overwhelmingly support it, 93-3 percent with 3 percent don’t know.

— Political independents support the plan, 55-34 percent with 10 percent don’t know.

The more politically conservative one is, the greater the opposition.

— Those who are “very conservative” politically oppose it, 72-21 percent; those who are moderate politically favor it, 61-23 percent and those who are very liberal support it, 97-2 percent.

The more educated one is, the more support for the plan – whose aim, Obama says, is to fight against global warming.

— Those with a high school degree favor it, 47-44 percent; with a bachelor’s degree support it, 54-40 percent; those with a graduate degree, 62-32 percent.

Jones polled 500 Utahns from August 7-14, 2015 with a margin of error of +/- 4.99%.