Local Headlines 9-21-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Interim S.L. chief is helping turn corner on downtown crime

Op-ed: We still must rise above our history of scapegoating immigrants

Op-ed: Medicaid expansion is not the Utah way of helping poor

Op-ed: Cutting impact fees helps developers, not SLC residents

Op-ed: Diverse homeless population requires multi-pronged solution

Editorial: Dixie rightfully allows free speech on campus

Millcreek residents turn out to ponder their future

Gov. Herbert visits Hildale, search for last victim to pause Sunday

Most Utahns say public lands should be managed differently, balancing development with preservation

If Utah doesn’t provide better legal defense for the poor, ACLU may file lawsuit

LGBT leaders endorse Biskupski for Salt Lake City mayor

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Second GOP debate highlights some substance, endless entertainment

Op-ed: Medicaid expansion in Utah responsibly helps poor, needy

John Florez: Seems like Salt Lake is being ‘Aspenized’

Drew Clark: Improving religious freedom must begin with cultivating society’s soil

Op-ed: Provider tax good way to expand Utah’s health insurance

Editorial: Consider these principles when improving Utah’s public education

Utah high court sides with fired Wal-Mart employees who claimed self-defense

Utah economy operating at ‘full employment’

Utahns in U.S. House vote to cut Planned Parenthood funding

Prison relocation still remains issue in political races

Recreation, wildlife, farming dominate public lands concerns

‘We are all humbled’: Gov. Herbert visits Hildale families, tours flood aftermath

Becker, Biskupski’s visions crystalize as election approaches

New campaign urges voters to approve tax hike for transportation


Logan, Providence set for by-mail election (Logan Herald Journal)

Editorial: New water heater rule is worth it (Standard-Examiner)

Utah self-defense laws trump employer policy in Walmart firings (Standard-Examiner)

Dilapidated voting machines may put elections at risk (Standard-Examiner)