Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Which GOP Presidential Candidate Will Drop Out Next?

The crowded GOP presidential field has already lost two candidates in Rick Perry and Scott Walker. That still leaves 15 in the race. Our "Political Insiders" think former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore will be the next to drop out.

20% of those on our panel think Gilmore will be the next to fall. 19% say former New York Governor George Pataki will quit the race next. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal round out the top-5 candidates that our respondents say are most likely to drop out of the race.


Selected anonymous comments:

"It is difficult to choose from this list, as there are so many that SHOULD be the next person to drop out with many questioning why they are running. Those participating in the early debates (Santorum, Jindal, Pataki, Graham) or not even invited to the debates (Gilmore) should take a cue from Governor Walker. There needs to be a deeper dive into the state polling and see where the candidates really stand in New Hampshire and South Carolina before any of the 'bigger names' that aren't polling well nationally move out of the race."

"The thing is they make money on staying in. The donations go to their campagin fund, and if they run for anything, that's useful. So next one out is one not running for something and low on the totem pole."

"Okay, there are at least three of these people I couldn't pick out of a lineup. Let's get rid of Gilmore, Kasich and Pataki, and then Huckabee, Santorum, Jindal and Paul. That still leaves EIGHT candidates."

"Who the hell is Jim Gilmore?"

"Santorum is appealing to the same voters that want Carson or Cruz. He can't move up with them in the race."

"Wow … only being able to choose one, that has to be a violation of the Geneva Convention."

"All but Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio. The quicker Jeb and Christie drop out the better. With his recent statement on a Muslim President, Ben Carson went from top 3 to bottom."