National Headlines 10-9-13

Republicans shrug off debt ceiling as economic organizations plea for swift resolution (New York Daily News)

Government shutdown: Lawmakers see ‘glimmer’ of hope to ending stalemate (Chicago Tribune)

Congress, White House all over the map on fiscal crisis solution (Fox News)

Shutdown means no new beer from craft brewers (Associated Press)

Kochs Deny Pushing for Shutdown Over Health Law (New York Times)

Grand Canyon cites people for entering closed park (Associated Press)

Senate chaplain: ‘Enough is enough,’ reinstate military benefits (NBC News)

House Democrats arrested at immigration rally. Why? (Christian Science Monitor)

ACLU challenges abortion-related restrictions in new state budget (Toledo Blade)

Disgraced ex-mayor awaits punishment (USA Today)

Christie on potential White House bid: ‘I can walk and chew gum at the same time’ (Associated Press)