National Headlines 10-4-15

Illegal Immigrants Could Elect Hillary (Politico)

Obama’s trash talk (Politico)

A rising conservative resists leadership role (The Hill)

Obama, Republicans on collision course over defense bill (The Hill)

Russia Intensifies Syria Bombing as Cameron Joins Criticism (Bloomberg)

Rand Paul on 2016: Why the GOP candidate says he’s not going anywhere (Christian Science Monitor)

As Joe Biden ponders race, past same-sex marriage ‘gaffe’ becomes political asset (Los Angeles Times)

Bernie Sanders nets $26 million: a new kind of fundraising? (Christian Science Monitor)

Abortion, birth control, race top Supreme Court’s agenda (Associated Press)

U.S. system designed to prevent financial crisis ‘likely to fail,’ say experts (MarketWatch)

After five years of negotiations, Pacific trade talks near deal (Reuters)