Lee: New Era of Creative Destruction Coming to Washington

Senator Mike LeeIn an op-ed, Sen. Mike Lee says congressional Republicans should embrace, rather than resist, the chaos and uncertainty swirling around the House Speaker’s race.

Writes Lee at The Federalist:

However comfortable Washington’s corrupt and dysfunctional status quo may be to many individual insiders, that status quo remains the principal impediment to conservative reform, Republican unity, and Congress’s public approval. Once Republican leaders grasp that fact and begin taking steps toward reform, they’ll be astonished at how effective and cohesive a team they will suddenly find themselves leading.


The Republican establishment’s failure of leadership over the years is no excuse for conservatives’ failure of imagination now. Conservatives have to start working immediately on our own agenda of prudent but disruptive institutional innovation, so that regardless of who the next Speaker is, he or she will walk into the job with a blueprint for success.


In this new era, Washington’s centralized status quo has been scheduled for the “destruction” side of the equation; it’s up to conservative reformers now to deliver the “creative.”