National Headlines 10-20-15

Biden contradicts Clinton’s account of bin Laden raid decision (The Hill)

Biden chatter puts President Obama in an awkward spot (The Hill)

Cruz warns McConnell on debt ceiling (Politico)

The Trump Poll Numbers Lie (Politico)

Paul Ryan says Republicans have until Friday to unify behind him for House speaker (Los Angeles Times)

San Francisco Votes to Keep Shielding Immigrants From Deportation Officials (New York Times)

Biden: Clinton ‘Naive’ for Calling GOP the Enemy, Hoping to Govern (TIME)

Scalia: ‘Wouldn’t surprise me’ if death penalty struck down (Associated Press)

At Walter Mondale dinner, Joe Biden is Topic A (Washington Post)

Senate considers controversial cyber security bill (Reuters)

How Black Lives Matter became a thorn in the side of L.A. leaders (Los Angeles Times)