National Headlines 10-22-15

Gowdy, Dems battle over Benghazi transcripts (The Hill)

Anti-immigration group goes after Ryan (The Hill)

How Ryan conquered the Freedom Caucus (Politico)

House GOP likely to abandon debt-limit bill (Politico)

Republicans on Benghazi panel attack Clinton over ties to former aide (Los Angeles Times)

Obama vetoes $612 billion defense policy bill in rebuke to GOP (Associated Press)

Paul Ryan’s risky road ahead as House speaker (Los Angeles Times)

WikiLeaks Releases Second Batch of Hacked Emails from CIA Chief John Brennan (Newsweek)

San Francisco board reaffirms status as immigrant sanctuary (Associated Press)

Cracking jokes, Jimmy Carter honors former VP Mondale (Associated Press)

Could Social Security be immune from student loan debt collection? (MarketWatch)