Local Headlines 10-26-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Herbert is making policy with eye to the GOP convention

Op-ed: Hughes provides true leadership while Tribune lacks facts

Op-ed: Commissioner deserves credit for solving meat-inspection problem, not blame

Op-ed: Becker has made Salt Lake a national model for cities

Op-ed: Biskupski will fight for, not against, Salt Lake City’s residents

Op-ed: Criminal justice reform means getting smart about crime

Editorial: EPA’s Gold King failure is bigger than one mine

Editorial: The conservative case against the death penalty

Rep. Mia Love named to panel investigating Planned Parenthood

In deep-red Utah, Hillary Clinton winning the money race

UTA, American Fork mayor wage ‘running gunbattle’ over service

Utah guv: EPA will pay for agency’s role in mine spill

States’ rights reign supreme at Utah’s Western Freedom Festival

No. 1 job ranking belongs to Salt Lake area, not just city as Becker claims

UTA, American Fork mayor wage ‘running gunbattle’ over service

To collect back taxes, Utah may force banks to access your account

How Utahns want to change the state by 2050

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Political survey results offer interesting beliefs among Utahns

John Florez: Sexual harassment in the city

Ralph Becker: Working together, we can finish the job

Jackie Biskupski: Salt Lake City needs lasting solutions via new ideas, collective wisdom

Op-ed: Prop 1 not a huge advantage in many Utah towns

Jenet Erickson: Families are the key behind Utah’s economic success

Drew Clark: Growing up will be necessary for the next generation of Republicans

Op-ed: A vote for Prop 1 is vote for healthy Utah economy

Editorial: Clarifying the Davis school bond proposal

Editorial: Salt Lake City hosts the World Congress of Families

Editorial: New study shows link between strong families and prosperous states

Rep. Mia Love named to panel investigating Planned Parenthood

City leaders launch efforts to make Salt Lake more ‘age friendly’

Lawmakers mull eliminating required legal counsel in some guardianship cases

Health disparities persist among Utah’s minorities

Federal agency to consolidate into U.S. courthouse, bring jobs to Salt Lake

Becker, Biskupski enter home stretch leading to Election Day

Feds say they have turned over hundreds of thousands of Shurtleff documents

Who to watch at the World Congress of Families

Envision Utah to unveil blueprint for 2050


Editorial: Proposition 1: Good idea, bad legislation (Daily Herald)

Rep. David Lifferth announces run for Utah senate seat (Daily Herald)

Taking a look at Prop 1: Utah County to vote on sales tax proposal (Daily Herald)

Women and the gender pay gap: Why does Utah score so low? (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Proposition 1 is an investment in our economy, quality of life (Standard-Examiner)

Op-ed: Proposition 1 allows UTA to waste more money (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: If the 1st gang injunction didn’t work, neither will a 2nd (Standard-Examiner)

PCSD bond debated once more as Election Day closes in (Park Record)

David Ure named new SITLA director (Park Record)