Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Who Will Win the Race for Salt Lake City Mayor?

utahpolicy ksl 400 wide smaOur “Political Insiders” are mostly of the mind that Jackie Biskupski will emerge victorious after Tuesday’s election.

71% of the Republicans and 72% of the Democrats on our insider panel expect a victory by Biskupski on Tuesday. Just 28% of Republicans and 22% of the Democrats say Becker will win. 62% of our readers say Biskupski is the favorite to win while 35% pick Becker.


Selected anonymous comments:

“Biskupski wins despite the Becker war chest.”
“Based on early return numbers from the Salt Lake County Recorder of high turnout I believe the electorate favors Ralph. Given he has had the resources to run an organized and systematic GOTV effort since immediately after the primary whereas Jackie has had to raise funds in order to compete, thus dragging out her timeline potentially too long after the initial surge of mail in ballots. Whereas highly engaged voters favor Jackie, those who are less likely to vote and most likely to be activated by a robust GOTV effort favor Ralph.”
“Aside from the Burbank firing, Becker has done a solid job as mayor. His strong performance will allow him to prevail, although Biskupski will ensure a competitive race.”
“Ralph has overstayed his welcome. He stopped listening to the community and on top of all that he has ruined the streets with the his funky bike paths. On the other hand Jackie listens.”
“Every undecided I talk to is breaking for Becker, but I have a pretty small circle of friends.”
“Ralph beat himself by being MIA over the last few years.”
“It’s time for a change.”