Billboard, Construction Interests Fuel Last-Minute Donations to Biskupski and Becker

Becker Biskupski 03Jackie Biskupski has pulled in $34,000 so far in the seven-day period before the 2015 election, with about half of that coming from outdoor advertising interests.

According to campaign finance disclosures, Becker has taken in $17,000 in the same seven-day period, with a good chunk from those with ties to construction companies.
The reports show Biskupski received a maximum donation of $7,500 from J L.C. on October 27. J L.C. is an outdoor sign company based in American Fork.
Another maximum donation of $7,500 came from John Moss on October 30, 2015. Moss is a Provo businessman who is the owner of Double Take Advertising, which is listed as specializing in mobile billboard advertising.
Biskupski’s last-minute haul also includes a maximum donation from Sheryl Lefavi.
Becker’s pre-election intake was powered by construction industry interests, including a $2,500 donation from the Boyer Company on October 28. That donation brings the construction company to the $7,500 max for this cycle as they previously made two $2,500 donations to the incumbent.
Becker also lists a $2,000 donation from Brett Okland on October 31. Okland is the Vice President of Okland Construction.
Candidates are required to report any donations more than $500 received in the seven-day period before the primary or general election.
20151101 Becker Donations
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