Oregon High School to Make College Acceptance a Requirement for Graduation

One school district in Oregon plans to make getting accepted to college a requirement for students to graduate from high school.

The Corbett School District will formally vote on the proposal next month, but many expect it to pass without too much trouble. 

Previously, the school required students to take at least six Advanced Placement classes to get their diploma, which landed Corbett High School in the top 10 of Newsweek’s “Best High Schools” in 2009. That ranking has fallen recently as Newsweek changed their system to emphasize college acceptance.

From Gawker:

Detractors say Superintendent Randy Trani and Corbett High School Principal Phil Pearson are not concerned with their students’ future success so much as they’re concerned with the school’s national ranking.

Trani, naturally, denies this, saying his only intention is to give students “choices.”

He also noted that, while students who didn’t get into either a college or a trade school would not be allowed to graduate, practically anyone can get into Mt. Hood Community College if they just fill out the necessary paperwork.