Count My Vote Statement on SB54 Ruling

Count My Vote today expressed its appreciation to Judge David Nuffer for his hard work and timely decision in the SB54 case. Judge Nuffer’s ruling provides sorely needed clarity for Utah’s candidates and political parties.

In his ruling yesterday, Judge Nuffer struck only a single line from SB54, which was inserted by the Legislature as part of a compromise.  He upheld all other portions of Count My Vote’s hard-fought, landmark election reforms. In fact, Judge Nuffer’s ruling specifically and expressly confirmed the constitutionality of Count My Vote’s alternative “signature” path to ballot access for all party candidates.
“We’re deeply grateful to Judge Nuffer for his careful and timely review,” said Count My Vote Co-Chair Rich McKeown. “The signature-gathering path to nomination was fully reviewed and upheld, and we look forward to candidates throughout Utah starting that process on January 4th of next year.”
Judge Nuffer’s ruling also leaves in place all remaining criteria for “qualified political parties” under the law, including a requirement that a party must permit its members to choose to seek nomination through both the convention and signature-gathering processes. Any party that attempts to restrict members’ participation in either or both paths would render itself unqualified for “qualified political party” status under Utah law, and ultimately forfeit its ability to nominate candidates for the general-election ballot through a convention.
Count My Vote’s historic reforms will provide Utah voters more choice, convenience, and accountability. We look forward to Utah’s new primary process in 2016 and we will continue working to encourage participation and engagement at all levels in Utah elections.