National Headlines 11-8-15

State of the 2016 race: One year out (Politico)

Democrats look to ride Clinton wave to Senate control (Politico)

Trump gives ‘SNL’ biggest ratings in years (The Hill)

Paul Ryan seen as boost to criminal justice reform push (The Hill)

GOP senators desert Bush for Rubio (The Hill)

Dr. Ben Carson Plays Defense as Biographical Questions Pile Up (NBC News)

Carson thanks ‘biased media’ for $3.5M fundraising haul (The Hill)

Israeli leader heads to Washington as spokesman draws fire (Associated Press)

U.S. Military Officials Aim to Bolster Troop Presence in Europe (Wall Street Journal)

A lot of people just don’t like Ted Cruz. How come that’s okay with him? (Washington Post)

The GOP’s Bush 43 Wounds Still Haven’t Healed (NBC News)