National Headlines 10-15-13

Report: Hillary Clinton’s security team not fine with London parking ticket (The Hill)

John Edwards’s former mistress makes public apology: ‘I behaved badly’ (The Hill)

Reid urges patience, remains optimistic over deal prospects (CNN)

House GOP pursues own bill on debt and shutdown (USA Today)

Government shutdown: House Republicans seek a way out of fiscal impasse (Chicago Tribune)

Newtown, Conn., aims to keep demolition under wraps, eliminate all traces of Sandy Hook school (Associated Press)

Vets rally at WWII memorial for end to ‘devastating’ impact of partial shutdown (Fox News)

Ex-San Diego Mayor Pleads Guilty to 3 Crimes (Associated Press)

Landmark case? Supreme Court to review EPA regulation of greenhouse gases. (Christian Science Monitor)

NYC Police Union Sues City Council Over Profiling Lawsuits (Bloomberg)

Court Likely to Uphold Michigan Measure on Race (Associated Press)