FreedomWorks for America Launches TV Ad Praising Mike Lee in Utah

FreedomWorks for America, a political arm of FreedomWorks, launched a $48,000 TV ad buy in Utah praising Senator Mike Lee’s conservative record. The ad will run for ten days in across the state.


“While other Republicans talk a good game on the campaign trail about fighting for conservative principles, Mike Lee has the voting record to back it up,” said FreedomWorks for America Chairman Adam Brandon. 


“Mike Lee is the conservative conscious of the Senate Republican Conference. He has worked hard to propose solutions that are grounded in constitutional and limited government principles, and he’s never wavered on doing what is right for Utah.”

“Mike Lee is a leader who conservatives need in Washington. FreedomWorks for America is proud to stand with him as he works for policies that boost America’s entrepreneurial spirit, limit the size and scope of the federal government, and reduce the burden on taxpayers,” he added. 
You can view the ad below: