Federal Judge Issues Order in Election Lawsuit

Voting BoothFederal Judge David Nuffer issued his final order in the litigation against S.B. 54. As part of his decision, the state is prohibited from requiring political parties to allow unaffiliated voters in a primary election or signature-gathering process.

The judge has ruled the order is limited in its application to the plaintiffs in the case, the Utah Republican Party and Constitution Party. The ruling indicates all other political parties – the Utah Democratic Party, Libertarian Party and Independent American Party – will not be affected by this order and will continue to be subject to the existing statute, including the requirement that unaffiliated voters participate in their party’s signature gathering and primary.

The court upheld other provisions of S.B. 54 as constitutional, including the signature gathering requirements. This case is now concluded, however, it is anticipated additional litigation will occur on separate legal issues related to S.B. 54.